Note!. Due to recent Microsoft security updates. If you get a warning after downloading or installing this software. saying something similar to “This program might be potentially harmful’. This is a false positive, and this software is safe to use, and does not collect or use any personal data. This is possibly due to this software being for a specialized purpose, and only has a small user base of about 200 users.

This program has been about for a year now, and if you are worried about installing and using this software, please ask around, and also ask in the support group.

I have contacted Microsoft regarding issue, and hopefully will be fixed soon.

Thank you for your support.

Current Version 210621 Beta

Windows Download (32Bit Windows Setup File)

Portable Version (Zip Archive)

Note: For windows, You will also need to download and install a Virtual Midi Cable Driver, Such as ‘LoopBe1’ or ‘LoopMidi’. These are Free and is a simple setup. Note.. If you’re using a controller with Virtual DJ, it is recommended that you use the loopMidi software rather than LoopBe1.

MacOS Download (DMG File)

Note.: On MacOS, You will Need to create a Virtual Midi Port using the ‘Audio Midi Setup’ App built into MacOS. and Name the Port ‘MallMuzik’

Change Log

– 210621 Beta

  • New: VDJ Audio Configuration editor. (Currently Windows Only)
  • New: Now displays a Change Log window on update. (as you might have noticed.)
  • New: Menu item to open the File Repository (to download Effects plugins,Pads, custom controller maps etc.
  • New: Import and activate custom controller maps.
  • New: Import User created custom key map files.
  • New: Ability to import and export Sampler Banks.
  • New: Custom Controller Editor.
  • Added: Total samples in a sample bank is now displayed/Announced when using export or open sample bank.
  • Added: Ability to delete a sample bank. press ‘Delete’ when in the open or export sample bank selector.
  • Added: Sampler file status is available on the sampler bank editor. to see if any sample files are missing.
  • Update: Change keyboard shortcuts for sample bank navigation.
  • Update: Moved Browser Information Editor From Settings Menu to the Tools Menu.
  • Update: Keyboard No longer switches to 4 deck mode, When a 4 deck controller is connected. (this allows the user to decide if they want the keyboard in 2 or 4 deck mode, even if using 4 deck controller).
  • Update: Change Crossfade Reset command, Now only resets master audio and video crossfades.
  • Update: Added more options to the ‘zeroDB’ setting in VDJ Options. Request from user who wanted to hopefully help stop the limiter triggering in VDJ.
  • Fixed: error detecting if valid keymap file is being imported.
  • Fixed: Record time announcement. sometimes if used while recording it would stop the recording.
  • Fixed: Problem Opening Controller Settings Panel in VDJ 8.1
  • Fixed: some bugs stopping some samples being imported in to existing sample bank (was causing copy file errors).
  • Fixed: Sometimes persistent VDJ Accesskeys settings, was not preserved if MallMuzik was opened and closed without starting VDJ.
  • Fixed: Voice Selection, was not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Issue with some voices installed by windowsEyes that would cause a crash of the mallmuzik software.

— 210520 Beta —

  • Added: Sample Bank Editor.
  • Added: Support for Switching between accesskyes and customacceskeys keymaps on the fly in virtualDJ.
  • Added: Direct Link to Spanish Support Group from Help Menu, when using Spanish Language.

– 210501 Beta

  • Update: Optimizations for external controllers.
  • Fix: MacOS Start VDJ button, not starting VDJ on Big Sur.
  • Fix: Some Language translation errors.
  • Added: Alternative quick shortcut keys to change seek rate granularity. (CTRL + ALT + UP / DOWN) on Windows, and (CTRL + CMD + Up / Down) on MacOS.
  • Added: Elapsed time announcement to current deck time status keys (F1 to F4).

– 210420 Beta

  • New: Pad pages up to 16 pads now supported.
  • New: Added quick access keyboard shortcuts to select favorite pad pages.
  • New: Keyboard commands to announce name of current pad page on deck.
  • New: Ability to Hide / Show Pad Pages.
  • New: Custom pad page Editor, so you can edit the custom pad page.
  • New: Braille display support for NVDA users.
  • Added: More seek rate options.
  • Added: More commands to the browser command list.

– 210330 Beta

  • New: Option to Use Jaws for speech settings and output (Windows Only)
  • New: Now able to use Pads Pages on number keys. (VDJ Version 2020 onward required.)
  • New: line input switch added, Use CTRL + I and ALT + I (or CMD + I one MacOs).
  • New: Ability to Filter / Search in VDJ options settings window. Press ‘ALT+S’ (or ‘CMD + S’ on MacOs), when in the VDJ Options window.
  • Fixed: Bug that blocked some ‘Dont Show Again’ check boxes in VDJ from staying set in some panels.
  • Fixed: Some Spanish Translation errors.

– 210320 Beta

  • New: Option to Use NVDA for speech settings and output (Windows Only)
  • Added: Added keyboard shortcut for Cue Play.
  • Added: More settings to VDJ Options.
  • Fix: Some Duplicate setting values in VDJ Options.
  • Fix: Not saving midi port setting when using ‘loop midi’ software instead of ‘LoopBe1 Midi’ on some systems.

– 210310 Beta

  • fix: Loops on decks 1 and 2 not announcing when in 4 deck mode.
  • Added: More settings to VDJ Options.
  • Added: Support for users to create and use there own Custom keyboard mapping.
  • Added: Ability to use number pad as an extra number row functions, so you can have for example a sampler on the number row keys, and have loops on the number pad layout.
  • Added: the setting you have for number row and number pad, will be preserved for the next time you use Virtual DJ.

– 210220 Beta

  • FIX: Some deck status announcements when deck select announcements are disabled..
  • NEW: Ability to jump directly to song suggestions list folder and back to previous folder. (CTRL + ALT + L) for Windows and (CTRL + CMD + L) for MacOS. (VDJ 2021 Only).
  • NEW: Announce the status of any browser tasks that are currently active. (CTRL + ALT + SPACE) on Windows and (CTRL + CMD + SPACE) on MacOS
  • NEW: Keyboard command to switch directly between 2 deck and 4 decks skins (CTRL + ALT + D) on Windows or (CTRL + CMD + D) or (SHIFT + D) on MacOS (VDJ 2021 only).

– 210210 Beta

  • French Translation
  • Added: Track Key Adjustment Keyboard Commands
  • Some Keyboard Switch States are now Saved
  • Fix: MacOS Speech formatting Output.
  • Added: MacOS Alternative keyboard shortcut for Seek Control.

– 201214 Beta

  • Bug Fixes
  • German language translation update

– 201201 Beta

  • Added: Support for 4 Decks.
  • Added: Browser Track Information Announcement Editor.
  • Fixed: Remove Unreadable EQ dialog box being displayed in VDJ 2021 on startup.
  • Added: Tracks Key is now announced with the BPM when pressing ‘SHIFT+F1,F2
  • Added: More setting options to VDJ Options Menu.
  • Fixed: bug that stopped the last version starting on some systems.
  • Fixed: Translation errors.

– 201110 Beta

  • Added Support for sampler banks to handle up to 32 pads
  • Added New Browser Commands feature. Select the Command using ‘CTRL+ALT+E’ on windows or ‘CMD+CTRL+E’ on MacOs. then perform the command by pressing ‘E’.
  • Updated Microphone commands.
  • Added Keybaord shortcut to switch stems on both decks at the same time.
  • Added Input Level Controls for Microphone.

– 201009 Beta

  • Fix Language Translations

– 201001 Beta

  • Added Microphone Keyboard Commands.
  • Added Broadcast Keyboard Commands
  • Added More sort options to browser
  • Added some sampler settings to VDJ options settings.
  • Updated Language Files.

– 200920 Beta

  • Added Support for Stems in VDJ2021
  • Update Portuguese (Brezil) Language

– 200919 Beta

  • Added Portuguese (Brazil) Translation.
  • Added German Translation.
  • Added Some Performance VDJ Settings in VDJ Options menu.
  • Added Some Automation VDJ Settings in VDJ options menu.
  • Added Slicing Commands to the loop keyboard commands.
  • Added Loop Move commands to the Keyboard Commands.
  • Added Fix for some controllers stopping some keyboard commands.
  • Added workaround for Issue in VDJ 2021 ‘browserSearchByFirstLetter’, which blocks some VDJ keyboard commands.

– 200719 Beta

  • Added: Spanish Translation.
  • Added: Keyboard command to add selected browsed track to sidelist panel. (SHIFT + A)
  • Added: Keyboard Shortcut to change Volumes, BPM etc by larger amounts.
  • Added: Warning if not Receiving Data from VDJ.
  • Optimization of speech processing, should be more responsive.
  • Fix: Keyboard Command, Deck One Volume Increase did not always response.
  • Fix: Crash if virtual DJ has not closed the midi connection.

– 200701 Beta

  • Added Support for starting either VDJ 8.1 or VDJ 2021 if both versions are installed together.
  • Added direct link to support forum under help menu.
  • Added Ability to trigger loops on specific decks.
  • Added Keyboard command to trigger sampler in Stutter Mode
  • Added Sampler Output source selection Keyboard Shortcut
  • Added Ability to Capture deck output to sampler Record bank. (VDJ 8.3 or higher required.)
  • Added option to convert ‘Recordings Bank’ sampler to Permanent Sample Bank
  • Added Sampler output volume control Keyboard Shortcuts
  • File Browser now only announces folder level when moving to a new level
  • Fixed Detection of Virtual DJ 2021
  • Added Support for disabling Deck Select Announcement. (Useful For those using some controllers that announce, deck selected, every time they move a Deck jog wheel.)
  • Various Compatibility Fixes for Virtual DJ 2021
  • Bug Fixes.

– 200507 Beta

  • Fixed Issue With Deck PFL Status Speaking Over Deck Selection / Status Announcements.

– 200505 Beta

  • Added VDJ Keyboard Command List into the Speech App, Under Help Menu
  • Added Quick Direct Switching Access Keyboard Shortcuts for Number Row and Page Key Commands. (See Keyboard Help List for these)
  • Added PFL Headphone Monitor Switch Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Added Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Crossfade for Fast Cutting from one deck to the other.

– 200424 Beta

  • Fix Tempo Keyboard Shortcut. BPM now adjusts with finer increments.
  • Added Speech Volume Adjustment Command. Selected using ‘SHIFT + F12’

– 200415 Beta

  • Added ‘Keylock’ Commands (SHIFT+CTRL+K & SHIFT+ALT+K)
  • Added Menu Item to Disable VDJ Login Screen for Home Users
  • Added Menu Item to Reset the Recording Output File

– 200107 Beta —

  • Bug Fix Release

— 191229 Beta —

  • Bug Fixes
  • Added More Virtual DJ Settings to the Settings Editor.

— 191222 Beta —

  • Added Keyboard shortcut help feature (CTRL+ALt+SHIFT+F1).
  • New Virtual DJ Settings Editor, found in menu bar under Virtual DJ Settings, So you can edit common Virtual DJ settings easier.
  • New Keybaord Shortcuts for reseting crossfaders to center (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C)
  • New Keyboard Commands, Crossfade keys now on ‘,’ and ‘.’ to use with ALT CONTROLL and SHIFT combinations to adjust Audio, video, headphone mix etc, crossfaders
  • Internal Fix for finding the Virtual DJ settings folder. On Some users systems Virtual DJ created it’s settings folder in the OneDrive Folder which caused some Issues.

— 191120 Beta —

  • Added Alternative Method to Find Virtual DJ’s Data Folder.

— 191119 Beta —

  • Added BPM Match of Selected Deck to Opposite Deck Using ALT+CTRL+B
  • Added Key Match of Selected Deck to Opposite Deck Using ALT+CTRL+K
  • Added Play in Sync and On Beat by Using ‘SHIFT’ with the relevant Play Buttons.

— 191116 Beta —

  • Fixed Issue with Deck 2 Effects Announcing Same Loaded Effect on All Slots.
  • Added New Command @BeatLock@ to Announce BeatLock Status.
  • Added New Keyboard Shortcut. BeratLock Switch to ‘SHIFT+F7’

— 191114 Beta —

  • Fixed Sample Pad 2 Not Announcing.
  • Added Ability to updating KeyMaps and Device Mappers With Program Update
  • Added Keyboard Support for Recording Mixes
  • New Script Command ‘@Recording@’ Will Announce Current Recording Time.

— 191020 Beta —

  • To Help with unnecessary popus, Update Checks in Virtual DJ are now Disabled by Default.

— 191919 Beta —

  • Added Extra Checks to make sure AccessKeys Keyboard Map is set.

— 191017 Beta —

  • Remove Admin Permissions, No Longer Requires Admin Rights
  • More Information on Error Messages if ‘settings’ file not found
  • Added Ability to Disable ‘Check For Updates’ in Virtual DJ (Useful for those who want to continue to use VirtualDJ 8.1 and don’t want to be prompted all the time)

— 191015 Beta —

  • Check if VirtualDJ is already running on Startup.
  • Added New Command @NextKaraoke@, will announce next Karaoke Singer and Song. (Also added to keyboard shortcut ‘N’)

— 191012 Beta –

  • Now Has an Installer
  • Added Ability to Disable CoverFlow in VDJ Settings, from App, CoverFlow can slow down file_count in folder browser.
  • Auto Detect LoopBe Midi Port, and ask to use it on first run of app

— 191006 Beta —

  • Fix Problem with VirtualDJ 2020. Where file_count was slow updating in folder list Navigation. (Disabling ‘CoverFlow’ Setting in VDJ also Helps.)
  • VDJ Launcher button Now Default to VDJ 64Bit Veresion, if both 64 and 32 Bit Versions are Installed.

— 190924 Beta —

  • New Command ‘@ShutUp@’ will Stop / Interrupt Current Speech Output
  • Prelisten Now Turns off Announcement of Tracks in Songs List, While Enabled
  • ‘ESCAPE’ key Now Interrupts/Stops Current Speech Output (See New ShutUp Command)
  • Keyboard Commands Added for Video Transition Effects Selection/Announcement
  • Software Now Checks the Version of VDJ.
  • Tools Menu to Force Creation or Reset of Device Mapper Files if Needed

— 190810 Alpha —

  • Initial Alpha Test Release.