Welcome to VDJ Accessibility Extension For the Blind & Visually Impaired

This Software Allows Virtual DJ to be used by the Blind and Visually Impaired, the software is a Virtual Midi Device, that emulates an LCD Screen of a Virtual DJ Controller, to convert Midi Sysex Text into Speech. and adds Commands to VDJ Script, to allow scripting of Speech Output From Virtual DJ.

The Software will automatically setup a default Keyboard Map, with set keyboard shortcuts, and is ready to use without any extra configuration, but you can edit the scripts to customize as much as you want. script command lists can be found on this site soon.

A Virtual Midi Cable will also need to be Installed, Free Options are ‘LoopBe1’ and ‘LoopMidi’


  • Free
  • Support Multi Language (English and Spanish)
  • Available for Windows and MacOS
  • Self Voicing, Works With Any Screen Reader
  • Full Voice Feedback in File Browser
  • 300+ Keyboard Shortcut Commands.
  • Extends VDJ Script, So Accessibility commands can be added to DJ Controllers.
  • Supports All Version of Virtual DJ 8 Onwards
  • Auto Announce State of Decks and Loaded Tracks.
  • Announce Time Remaining on Tracks Playing on Decks.
  • Auto Announce Tempo Changes of Tracks on Decks.
  • Beat Grid Metronome
  • Audio Feedback of VU Meter Peak Levels
  • Announce Remaining, Elapsed, Position of Currently Playing Tracks
  • Announce Audio and Video Effects
  • Announce Samples Loaded on Sampler Bank Slots
  • Announce Volume, Cross fades and EQ Slider Positions
  • Automatically Announce When Playing Track has less than 30 Seconds Remaining
  • Fully Customizable: Uses Enhanced VDJ Script for all Accessibility Commands